Stour Valley Arts & Music

Musical Notes

Musical Notes is the title of a slim volume produced to mark the 60th milestone of SVAM's journey.

We hope there will be many more years of SVAM but it seemed a fitting occasion to look back, briefly, over the history of SVAM and also to thank, in tangible form, Peter Shave for the past 14 years of programme notes.

Programme notes float away with the concerts but Peter's notes are worth preserving and making available to anyone who would like to listen to music at home with the benefit of his learning and wit to add to their enjoyment.

Sadly we could not include all the notes but Peter has made a selection which we hope you will enjoy.

The book design is by Jeremy Greenwood, and SVAM is deeply grateful for all the work he has done for us.

In our anniversary season (2010-11) a copy of the book was given to each member household by SVAM.

A few copies remain and may be purchased for £7.50 each.  Please contact us to obtain further copies while stocks last.